Women in sports not shying away from technical opportunities – Barbara Gonzalez

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Simba Sports Club, Barbara Gonzalez has refuted claims that women shy away from technical opportunities in sports.

Speaking at the 2022 Africa Women’s Sports Summit held at the Accra International Conference Center (AICC), Madam Gonzalez indicated that she does not believe that women do not have the ability to handle technical sports jobs.

“99 per cent of men have connections with their men in sports. So I don’t think it’s women shying away from technical opportunities.

“You must put pressure on your Federations and the media and start sharing the opportunities. Today in Ghana we need to see that more Ghanaian women are into sports broadcasting,” she reiterated.

The 2022 Africa Women’s Sports Summit was under the theme “Be the Change”.

The event had prominent women in sports including sports journalists and sport administrators as well as the second lady of Ghana, Samira Bawumia was in attendance.

She disclosed that the Africa Women’s Sports Summit is an enabling environment that exposes participants to new opportunities for the needed change they desire.

“So you breaking the barrier, changing the narrative and trying to defy the odds; it’s all you against you. Unfortunately, we put a lot of pressure on institutions, conferences and the classes that we take but ultimately it’s about you.”

Barbara further urged women in Sports to work harder in achieving what they want and not depend on others adding that “unfortunately we assume that some jobs will propel us to the next level. We didn’t actually realize when we were young that it’s all about us. It’s about our personal efforts. It is about what we do that will take us to the next level.”

“Perseverance is about the individual. Whether you are in politics, whether you are in the media or as a sports administrator you can be there. Especially if you are a woman whether you are the moderator or whatever. Perseverance in overcoming challenges and testing your own braveness and building on that,” she added.